New Year, New Goals

My students come back on Monday and I can’t wait to see them! Winter break always feels fast, but when I think of the last time I saw my students, I feel like it’s been forever. I kinda miss their silly-selves!

On the first day back, I always take time to do some true reflecting, reminding, and reviewing. I wanted to share some of those activities with you and share a little FREEBIE with you that you can use anytime after returning from a break.

My favorite thing to do is reflect and make some goals! Probably because this is something I do and take quite seriously during the new year. I’ve made a little Google Slides activity for my students to make some resolutions, make a quote for the year, or find one word to focus on this year. I’ll talk about some of the slides with them, but I’ve created it to be an independent project that I can check on when they’re done. It’s on TpT if you’d like to grab this for your students!

I also do a really fun language review game. I took the idea from Miss5th who did a tic-tac-toe game with her students to review math concepts. Since language is pretty quick, I made some questions for my students to go over all of the skills we’ve learned so far this year. It’s just great way to review content, but also to review expectations during these type of activities with your students. I really hit hard on teamwork and sportsmanship with this one because they do get pretty intense with it. For all of the rules, set up, and questions, head to TpT for a copy!

One last thing I plan to do with my students is let them get a chance to socialize with each other. They always come back with a million stories that they want to share. Oh how I love hearing them, but when I have 2 classes of 27 kids each, there’s not enough time in the school year to hear them all! So I got an idea from Teach Like Finland to do some low-key games when coming back from breaks, like a “Human Bingo” (as the author calls it). It’s pretty simple; just have kids go around and get signatures from someone has done one of the items over break. When they get BINGO, they’re done!

If you’d like to grab this for your kids, click here for a free copy! If you decide to do this one with your kiddos, tag me on instagram @teaching_betweenthe_lines so I can see all of your fun!

I hope you enjoy this time back with your students! Some of them have waited all of break to be in your loving arms again. Don’t forget that is the type of impact you have on these kids!

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